3 Ways To Integrate New Remote Hires Into Your Team Culture

From ordering new equipment to filling out employee paperwork, new hire onboarding can be quite a process! However, your new hire onboarding process shouldn’t be “all business”. In fact, onboarding can be most beneficial for all parties involved if it is treated like a celebratory welcome. 

Below, you’ll find 3 things you can start doing today to transform a tedious onboarding strategy into one that’s filled with warmth and fun! 

Here are a few remote employee engagement activities we'd recommend:

  1. Throw a (virtual) party for them + the team they’re joining!
  2. Assign them remote mentors/buddies 
  3. Create cohorts within the new hire onboarding class and get them talking

Having an onboarding strategy that is designed to break down mental barriers and build team relationships is a great first step to fueling all of the little interpersonal successes that guarantee healthy, steady growth at your organization. 

By failing to effectively integrate new hires into your team and team culture,  you run the risk of new employees never building up the confidence and trust to confide in their team members when things get tough. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to higher churn, burnout, and disengagement in the future. Humans are social creatures and need to feel a sense of belonging - so it greatly pays off to create a proactive onboarding strategy that prioritizes  communication and trust-building.

You should create a sense of connection before you can help your employees self-actualize at work!

1.) Throw a (virtual) party for your new hire and the team they’re joining!

We’re talking about a different type of party than your typical Zoom magic show or wine-tasting event. While those presentation-style events are great entertainment, they’re less successful in actually helping teammates get to know each other. 

Instead, plan a few remote employee engagement activities that focus on getting to know employees outside of their resume! For example: help team members’ meet and discuss their interests and hobbies with a fun game of Question Roulette! Cadence will then follow up with a fun game of Trivia so that everyone can reflect (and compete!) on all of the interesting facts they’ve been learning about their fellow team members.

Upgrade your team socials
Question Roulette is the best Zoom alternative for running icebreaker activities that delight

2.) Assign new hires remote mentors/buddies

One problem many fast-growing companies face is not being able to scale 1:1 relationships between new hires and veteran employees. Mentorship is great because it provides a space where guidance can be given outside of the typical onboarding environment. If you aren’t able to provide each new employee with their own mentor, assign 1 mentor to a smaller group of new hires and provide everyone with the tools needed to communicate openly about… whatever they want! This is a significant first step to creating a trusting environment and establishing a foundation for a good rapport between team members that will be working closely together.

3.) Create cohorts within the new hire onboarding class and get them talking

The awesome part about onboarding is that it’s an important shared experience! Joining a new company is often a big life event for many people. Giving new hires opportunities to bond over this big milestone can be a catalyst for creating awesome relationships within your team. Most importantly, doing so builds trust amongst your team members, and helps them boost the confidence needed to ask for help when needed.

These are just a few of the employee engagement activities you can incorporate into your onboarding process. Whether you try them out one at time, all at once, or think of something else entirely, the important thing here is that you should always be iterating on this process and experimenting with the things that bring your remote teams closer together, sooner. The quicker you're able to create meaningful relationships between your employees, the better you'll be able to scale your company without having to worry about a disconnected team.

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