Virtual small group activities that build meaningful connections

Replace your Zoom happy hour and build an engaging, happy team culture.

Stronger team bonds, less isolation.

Here's what makes us different.

Focus on small groups

One-off Zoom magic shows don't help you get to know your team any better. We focus on small group activities because they lead to more meaningful connections.

Easy for managers

No need to repeatedly plan, coordinate, and facilitate activities. We take care of everything for you.

Customization for your team needs

We'll work closely with you to tailor the experience to your team's needs. Dream big, the sky's the limit.

Make team connection a habit

Set aside at least 30 minutes for team time every week. We'll come up with activity suggestions for you.

A little bit about us

Our mission is to improve the remote work experience. We're Stanford computer science graduates and are supported by leading Silicon Valley angels and institutions like Y Combinator.

Prior to Cadence, we worked on products used by millions of people at our own companies and organizations like Dropbox, Google, and NASA.

Melissa Du, Co Founder
Eric Park, Co Founder

Melissa Du

Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Eric Park

Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Interested in a happier, healthier remote team?

While we're in beta, we're only partnering with managers and people leaders of remote and distributed teams. If that's you, please leave your email below.

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