Delightful bonding activities for remote teams

Say goodbye to awkward Zoom happy hours. We plan, organize, and facilitate small-group events for your team that build meaningful connections.

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Here's why we're different

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Small group team-building

One-off Zoom magic shows and big virtual happy hours don't work. Instead, we focus on small group virtual activities so your team can actually build relationships.

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Easy for managers

You want to strengthen your remote culture. We'll make that a reality. From creating an activity plan to handling reschedules, we'll take care of every single detail for you.

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Make social time a habit

Strengthen your remote team culture by hosting team activities on a regular cadence. Give every remote team member something to look forward to.

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Virtual First

Each activity was expertly crafted for a stellar remote-first experience. We’re so confident your team will have a good time, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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“I always look forward to my team's Cadence events. They're so much deeper and more intimate than typical team bonding group crap that never goes anywhere interesting. Nice work!“
Hashir Baig
Team Lead, GitStart

Why is remote team-building so important?

Remote work requires managers to be extra intentional about team communication. There aren't any water-coolers or casual bump-ins. For many remote teams, the only time teammates ever see each other is in transactional settings, like code reviews or daily stand-ups.

As a result, remote work feels transactional. Teammates become lonely and isolated. They feel disconnected from their team and the company mission—parts of work that should energize them the most.

That's why it pays off in dividends — in terms of productivity, energy levels, and engagement — to create intentional time and activities for your team members to build relationships with each other.

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A little about us

Our mission is to improve the remote work experience. We're Stanford computer science graduates and are supported by leading Silicon Valley angels and institutions like Y Combinator.

Prior to Cadence, we worked on products used by millions of people at our own companies and organizations like Dropbox, Google, and NASA.

Melissa Du

Melissa Du

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Eric Park


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